Award Winning Professional Speaker
& Communications Specialist

Self Development Trainer & Coach

Voice Over Artist / Radio Broadcast for 6 years.

 English (US)
 & Spanish.


"Nicole's natural charm and strong interpersonal skills have been invaluable in fostering relationships between the Northwestern University labs and the wider Evanston & Chicago area communities.

She designed and presented a very useful workshop for students and lab workers on phone strategies when talking with potential participant families." - Jessica Maye, Ph.D. & Amy E. Booth, Ph.D. Northwestern University

"Thank you so much for all of the work you did to make the family fun festival at Flourish fabulous!"- Dr. Rahn, Flourish Studios Director




Nicole Cabell grew up in zipcode 60622 in Chicago on a block which could have written the story on diversity. Filled with a gumbo mixture of diverse cultures; a little bit of Puerto Rican, Mexican, Polish and there were the Cabells right in the middle. This story comes from Nicole's mother's treasure box of family stories. She loves to tell how as a little girl, Nicole didn't register the fact that her Mom was extremely afraid of those prowling little creatures called cats. "No, Nicole Cabell had to feed the poor little cats!", her mom would say. "But mom, they are hungry, they need food and shelter."

You probably know where this story ends. Bowls would start disappearing from the Cabell's cupboard. Nicole would sneak past her mom and go down the stairs with all of her goodies to save the River West, Chicago cats from starvation, right underneath their back porch. That is untill she got caught.

"This story mirrors so many moments of my life while growing up in a single parent household in an inner-city community where my family teeter tottered between lower income and middle class. In 60622 the struggles were obvious; gangs were territorial block to block, teenage pregnancies were the norm, and poverty was not far from one household to the next. It didn't matter what culture you were. In my house, ours was a story of "Overcoming The Odds". My mother through prayer, faith and education set the rules and we followed them, with a few bruises here and there from being hardheaded. Weekend visits with my father offered extra support and love. I never joined a gang, but instead joined afterschool activities. I never became pregnant, but I dated with the understanding that I have the most important power of all, self respect. I am the example of what love can do and have spent my life, my gift of wisdom, insight and stories to teach others about the champion that lives within them, so that they to can overcome the challenges that life brings their way.

I have always felt, like the story of the cat, that you never know what impact a little show of kindness can have on the lives of others. Your involvement may help someone tap into their own potential and who knows, it may help you by "Unlcocking Your Champion."

Nicole Cabell is married to an outstanding husband/best friend and has the most amazing child in the world, she is daughter to a brilliant mom, has the loving memories of her father & late grandmother Mama, has a power driven grandmother Mu, a highly educated family that drive her to succeed and amazing friends. She has God to thank for her gift of speech and numerous opportunities to share it.